News from the Yoshioka lab:

>July 2023: Mack @MPMI. Mack presented his work in an oral presentation. Congratulations!

>June 2023: Visit at Kaku lab @ Meiji University, Japan:

>June 2023: Yoshioka lab @ICAR2023 (Chiba, Japan):

>March 8, 2023: Congratulations Mack! he just successfully passed his PhD transfer exam!

>March 2023: Congratulations to Mack for being awarded an OGS award! We also congratulate Kenza Boumehdi, who will join the lab this summer with a CSB award!


>December 2022: Check out the SEB Autumn Magazine 2022. It focuses on Mitochondrial Function and features a section about our 2021 TTM1 phosphorylation article in Plant Journal.

>December 2022: Congratulation everybody for their posters at the CSPB Eastern Regional Meeting at UTSC. Especially, congrats to Mack for his Best Poster Award!

>September 2022: Hyunsuh Lee will continue to work in our lab as a graduate student!

>September 2022: Welcome to our new project student, Coco Jiang, who will work with Mack on the ISR project. Also welcome to Yu Li, who will join us as a work study student

>July 2022: Keiko had a plenary talk at Plant Biology 2022 in Portland, Oregon: “Cyclic Nucleotide gated Channels at the Nexus of Plant Immunity

>June 2022: The Yoshioka, McFarlane, Provart, and Desveaux labs have been awarded an NSERC-RTI award “Advanced Platform for Plant Stress Signalling Analysis

>June 2022: Purva was awarded the Ragai Ibrahim Award for her 2021 Plant Journal publication “Multiple phosphorylation events of the mitochondrial membrane protein TTM1 regulate cell death during senescence“. Congratulations!

>June 2022: Mack received ASPB and SGS travel awards to attend Plant Biology 2022 in Portland, OR. Congratulations!

>May 2022: Hyunsuh was awarded a CSB Summer Fellowship!

We also welcome Kelly Han as a summer work study student! She will work on CNGCs and calcium!

>May 2022: Congratulations to Mariane for her acceptance at the UofT Immunology program as a graduate student!

Also congratulations to Miya for her acceptance at the graduate program at Tuebingen, Germany!

We are also looking forward to welcome Hyunsuh as a graduate student in the Yoshioka lab from September 2022!

>April 2022: Two interesting collaborative articles regarding CNGCs have been published:

From Julia Davies lab at Cambridge: Arabidopsis thaliana CYCLIC NUCLEOTIDE-GATED CHANNEL2 mediates extracellular ATP signal transduction in root epidermis. (New Phytologist)

From Steffen Vanneste’s lab in Ghent: Auxin analog-induced Ca2+ signaling is independent of inhibition of endosomal aggregation in Arabidopsis roots.(JXBot)

>April 2022: Former project student Kristyna Gorospe was awarded a CGS-M CIHR scholarship for her MSc project in Penney Gilbert’s lab! Congratulations

>April 2022: Congratulations to Miya for her outstanding poster presentation award at the CSB poster day! Also congratulations for Hyunsuh and Evan for their great work in their research projects!

>Feb. 17 2022: Congratulations Miya for being selected to give an oral presentation at the ASSU Undergraduate Research Conference!

>Feb. 2022: Check out our review article in collaboration with the Shan lab in Plant Cell: A Tale of Many Families: Calcium Channels in Plant Immunity.

>January 2022: Congratulations Robin Goh, who is now a graduate student, and will continue to work on CNGC interacting proteins.


>Nov 27, 2021: Congratulations for Mack, Miya and Matthew for their presentations at the CSPB Eastern Regional Meeting.

>Nov 2021: Finally, our article connecting CNGC2 to auxin has been published in Plant Physiology. Thanks to all who contributed!

>November 2021: Read our article in Plant Journal about phosphorylation of TTM1. Congratulations, Purva!

>September 2021: Welcome to new undergraduate project students: Robin Goh will continue to work on CNGC interacting proteins. Evan Thompson and Miya Tseng-West will work on plant Bio-Immunization. Welcome also to our volunteer students, Hyunsuh Lee and Cherry Liu.

>September 2021: Welcome Mackenzie (Mack) and Matthew to the lab. Both will join as graduate students to work on the ISR project. Mack joined us from Queens University, where he worked in Jacqueline Monaghan’s lab.

>Aug 2021: Check out Wolfgang’s article in Microorganisms about Bifidobacterium in Infant Gut Microbiota. This work is in collaboration with James Scott and the SyMBIOTA consortium.

>July 13 2021: Congratulations Sonhita for successfully defending your Ph.D. thesis.

>May 31 2021: Together with Ruby Sullan (UTSC) a NFRF Exploration grant was awarded to study the Interfacial analysis of plant-bacteria interactions in the rhizosphere!

>May 2021: We just were awarded a Ontario Agri-Food Research Initiative grant from OMAFRA. Together with the group of Danve Castroverde at Wilfrid Laurier University we will study the Impact of changing temperatures on bacteria-based bio-immunization in crop plants!

>April 12, 2021: Congratulations to Robin Goh for being awarded a CSB Award for the summer of 2021. We are looking forward to continue working with you!

>April 9, 2021: Congratulations to Kristyna Gorospe for winning a 1st Prize in the 2020/21 CSB Research Fair! All Yoshioka lab participants did a great job to present their research!

>April 6, 2021: Congratulations Kristyna! from September she will study muscle stem cell mechanobiology in Dr. Penney Gilbert’s lab at the CCBR.

>March 20, 2021: Keiko is a panellist at the 2021 Scientista Conference!

>March 7 2021: For International Women’s Day 2021, Cell & Systems Biology (CSB) is celebrating our women colleagues and their accomplishments.

Professor Keiko Yoshioka goes with optimism to a career in plant science

>March 3, 2021: Congratulations Daniel! Daniel just got accepted to Cambridge University. He will be working on experimental evolution and codon reassignment in the alga C. reinhardtii

>Feb 27, 2021: Congratulations to Purva Karia. Purva just received an offer of a postdoctoral researcher position from Carnegie Institute at Stanford after her successful interview. Her new supervisor will be Dr. Seung Yon Rhee.

>Feb 9 2021: Congratulations Purva! She just successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis.